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In the late 1800s, starting with the centennial of the United States in 1876, many state, county, church, and other local histories were published across America. These often included information on a community's founding families and biographies of its prominent citizens.  I have collected a number of these biographies and transcribed them for this site.  It is important to note that these biographies do not cite sources, often include mistakes, and have inconsistencies.  For example, the founding member of the Rorick family is identified as both Dutch and German in different biographies of his descendants. I have tried to indicate those mistakes that I can document with the word "sic" in brackets, but otherwise I have I transcribed them as faithfully as possible.  Nonetheless, these biographies present valuable insights and information on their subjects.

George B. Adams
Zebina C. Andruss
Jacob R. Armstrong
James A. Armstrong
William M. Armstrong
Joseph Ayres
Samuel B. Babbitt
Charles T. Bennett
Zelora E. Brown
Asa Casterline
Eli Chrysler 
William J. Clay
Roe A. Deal
Carey W. Dunton
Henry John Harp
Henry T. Kays
Garret Kemble
George Walling Loosley
Theodore Mackrell
Andrew J. Price
James E. Price
Martin S. Rochelle 
Winfield Scott Rochelle
Cosper Rorick (b. 1838) 
Cosper Rorick (b. 1874)
Dallas D. Rorick
David Rorick
Elias Breese Rorick
Estell H. Rorick
Frank H. Rorick
Gaspar Rorick 
George H. Rorick
Herbert Cornelius Rorick
Horton C. Rorick 
John C. Rorick
Jacob Thompson Rorick 
Michael Rorick 
Sydney E. Rorick
Delwin E. Strevell
Elias F. Sutton
Jacob Sutton 
Joseph Ford Sutton
Frank J. Sweeney
Andrew Van Blarcom
Andrew J. Van Blarcom
Lewis Van Blarcom (b. 1835)
Lewis Van Blarcom (b. 1863) 
Lewis M. Van Blarcom
Thomas Van Sickle
Solomon Van Sickle
Albert Gilmore Walling 
Benjamin F. Walling
Benjamin F. Walling, Jr.
George Perry Walling
George W. Walling 
Jesse Dutton Walling
Jesse Jennings Walling
John Walling 
Nelson Walling