News Items from the Bad Axe Democrat

J.T. Rorick, Editor and Publisher

The following are items of genealogical interest that I have gathered from the Bad Axe Democrat. 
Please note that I am not researching any of these names, so I have no further information on any of the individuals listed here. 
Please also note that I am unable to do look-ups in the Democrat, which is not indexed.  The microfilm in in poor condition,
and it is difficult to read in many place.  I will add to this page as I am able.  Listings are in alphabetic order by the first person included in the news item.

Charles Adams, of Ballentine's store, is visiting at Port Huron. (December 30, 1887)
Charlie Andrew, of Reed City, is spending the week with his parents here. (December 30, 1887)

Henry Bartley is home again.  (January 2, 1885)
Miss Jennie Bennett has been on the sick list for the week past. (December 30, 1887)
Mrs. Blakely and youngest daughter spent Christmas with Conductor Blakely at the Morrow House. (December 30, 1887)
Miss Maggie Blakely of East Saginaw visited in town this week. (December 30, 1887)
Mrs. W.T. Bope is expected home from her long visit in Indiana to-day. Mr. B. is in Saginaw to meet her. (December 30, 1887)
Charley Brown holds the best hand in town; three of a kind. He "filled" on Wednesday night. It is a fine healthy boy and as congratulations are due, the Democrat pays them forthwith. (February 20, 1885)

Wesley Collins of the Sand Beach Times was at his home in this village for a short time Monday. (December 30, 1887)
Mamie Conaton is home from the Port Austin Convent for the holidays. (December 30, 1887)
Geo. S. Corbit, the gentlemanly traveling agent for the Detroit Free Press, visited Bad Axe this week in the interests of that noted journal. (January 2, 1885)

Rev. James Farley, who has been an inmate of the poor house for the past five years, died in that institution last Saturday. He was 55 yrs. of age and died from the effects of palsy. Mr. Farley had spent his life as a preacher for the Baptist Church and officiated at one time in Verona. (February 20, 1885)

Married -- Feb. 28th 1885 by Rev. J.P. Gibson, Mr. Walter C. Sprayne and Miss Rachel Hamacker of Mead. (March 6, 1885)
M.B. Grice of Verona is assisting in Ballentine's store during the hatter's sickness.  At this writing, Mr. Ballentine shows no improvement. (January 2, 1885)

Jacobsville is the name of the latest post office created in this county, and Andrew Hendrickson is the name of the post master. (December 30, 1887)
Tyre -- A child of John Hereford of Tyre was buried last Sunday. (January 16, 1885)
Michael Holland shot a large wild cat three miles north of town last Saturday and brought it to town as a trophy.  Dr. McDonnell took the feline out of its skin and in place thereof will insinuate saw dust, etc., that is he will "stuff" it.  (January 2, 1885)

Bell Irwin of the Port Austin News spent "New Years" with his parents in this village.  (January 2, 1885)

Chas. A. Kimball keeper of the light house in the Lake Superior country has returned to his home in Port Austin to spend the winter. (December 30, 1887)
John Knapp left Monday for a week's visit at Wayne, his former home. (December 30, 1887)

Fred Lankin, of Midland, is spending the holiday's with his mother, Mrs. Geo. Hilton. (December 30, 1887)
Mr. Rich'd Lankin of Caseville was a guest at John Ballentine's this week. (December 30, 1887)
The Sheridan Grange is prospering finely. A.M. Leitch is master and Levi Cliff is lecturer. This is an institution which can result in much good to the farmer by way of discussion of farm topics and we are glad our Sheridan friends are maintaining such a society. A cheap Grange paper, and an exceedingly good one, is the Grange Visitor published at Schoolcraft, Mich., J.L. Cobb editor. (February 20, 1885)
Prof. Lynd returned yesterday. (January 2, 1885)

Miss Manning is at Port Huron spending her vacation. (December 30, 1887)
Miss Mattie McGill is the guest of her sister, Mrs. Schoettle.  (January 2, 1885, page 1, column 1)
Mrs. Kate McGregor of our high school is with her parents at Port Hope during the holidays. (December 30, 1887)
Mathew McIntyre, of Sheridan, has a span of three year old colts that are worthy of mention.  They are well matched, and weigh a little over 1800 lbs. a piece.  Mathew is a level headed farmer who believes it pays to raise good stock.  (January 2, 1885)
Rev. P.A. McMartin will preach in the first Presbyterian church next Sabbath at 10:30.  (January 2, 1885)
Will Morgan was in Port Huron yesterday.  (January 2, 1885)

Rev. J. H. Omans preached a funeral sermon for 1884 at the Baptist church on Wednesday evening.  (January 2, 1885)

The second quarterly meeting of the Bad Axe M.E. Church will be held at the M.E. place of worship next Sunday evening, January 4th.  Love feast at 6 PM.  Preaching at 7:00 PM.  Sermon by Rev. I.C. Potter, presiding Elder.  -- Rev. H. King, Pastor.  (January 2, 1885)
Wm. Potter went to Port Huron Monday to try a case in the circuit court of St. Clair county.  (January 2, 1885)

Port Austin -- It is our sad duty to chronicle the death of two bright and beautiful children this week, leaving aching hearts and vacant places in happy and joyous homes. Lou, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Razek, aged 2 years and 5 months, died on Saturday eve. of membranous croup. The funeral service and burial were held at Bad Axe on Monday. Lennie, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Sturtevant, aged 5 years, died on Monday at 2 o'clock a.m. of same disease. Funeral services were held at the Baptist Church on Tuesday. (January 16, 1885)

Miss Reed, of Canada, is visiting her niece, Mrs. Beals.  (January 2, 1885)
John Ryan of the Sandusky bank spent Christmas in this place as the guest of John Ballentine and family. (December 30, 1887)

We received the following telegram at 2 o'clock p.m. today.  Port Hope, Mich., Feb. 19, 1885 -- Robert Scott of Bloomfield was chopping in the woods yesterday when a tree which had lodged fell striking him on the head killing him instantly. He leaves a family. (February 20, 1885)

Mrs. W.E. Smalls returned home Wednesday from her visit to Flint. (January 2, 1885)
Tom and Daisy Snell of Bay Port, spent Christmas with their uncle, Thos. Snell of this place. (December 30, 1887)
Miss Minnie Spearin of the Grindstone City school is the guest of her sister, Mrs. Jas. Baldwin. (December 30, 1887)
N.B. Sweet's furniture stock was greatly reduced during the holiday trade. (December 30, 1887)
The members of the M.E. Church presented Mrs. N.B. Sweet with a very elegant present Monday evening for her services as an organist. (December 30, 1887)

J.C. Truax and family returned from their visit to Ortonville last Monday[.  T]hey had a pleasant time and came back loaded by Dutch cheese and lots of other things which "mother made." (January 2, 1885, page 1, column 1)

Dr. G.W. Walker and lady ate New Year's dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Chas. E. Thompson.  (January 2, 1885)
Sheriff Winterbottom arrived in town yesterday. (January 2, 1885)

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