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This pages links to longer items that don't fit on the Obituaries & Death Notices, Weddings & Anniversaries, or Small Town News pages as well as more unusual news items.

Dorothy F. Hutchinson
Alice Horton Rorick
Bertha Green Rorick
Cornelius Harry Rorick
Clarence A. Steves, Jr.
Ellen Christie Tyrrell

Adrian College -- Annual Exhibition of the Junior Class.

Death Strikes Attendant in Church Aisle -- Tragedy at the wedding of A. Marian Van Sickle. 
Did You Know That? -- About Cosper Rorick.
Did You Know That? -- About Estell H. Rorick.
Did You Know That? -- About John C. Rorick.
Did You Know That? -- About William Rorick.
Fisticuffs Among Caldwell County Democrats -- About Jesse Jennings Walling. 
Frank Berkly Mangled -- Tragic Death of Brakeman Frank Berkly.
Horrible Accident -- Tragic Death of Ollie Ayers.
Letters Home -- Letters from Clarence Sutton written during World War I. 
Love Gone; Ends Life -- Suicide of Mathilde Wilke Rorick.
Piso's Cure for Consumption -- Advertising for the Rorick & Cawley Pharmacy, Fayette, OH. 
Rorick House -- Home owned by Estell H. Rorick in Fayette, OH.
Shot Himself in a Hotel -- Suicide of Joseph H. Sutton.
A Veteran's Attempt at Suicide -- An Unsuccessful Attempt by Horace Lateer.
Winter in Ontonagon -- About Elias B. Rorick. 

Ford Margarum and Marion Robinson

Wills (Transcriptions)
Will of Hannah Rorick Kimble 

Will of Gaspar Rorick, Jr.
Will of Jacob Rorick
Will of Samuel Rorick
Will of Jerome B. Walling