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This site was first established in February 2000 on Geocities and has been added to and revised on an ongoing basis ever since.  Yahoo discontinued Geocities in 2009, and I purchased with the intent of re-establishing the site as quickly as possible.  Unfortunately, a number of personal circumstances intervened.  My goal for 2013 is to have all pages re-established and working by the end of March. You can monitor the progress here. 

December 27, 2012 -- Downloaded Kompozer and built template for website pages, including navigation bar. Established Excel tracking file for renamed pages. 
December 28, 2012 -- Began work on main pages (pages in navigation bar):  Home Page, Biographies, Births, Business News, Crime and Punishment.  Also completed Business News (Short Items) and started History of the Rorick Family in America. Please note that I am working to complete all pages first and will then go back and re-created all the internal links. 
December 30, 2012 -- Continued work on main pages:  Obituaries & Death Notices and Weddings & Anniversaries.
January 3, 2013 -- Continued work on main pages:  School News and Other.
January 4, 2013 -- Continued work on main pages:  Wills & Probate. Completed biographies:  Asa Casterline, Andrew J. Price, David Rorick, Andrew J. Van Blarcom, Albert Gilmore Walling, and Benjamin Franklin Walling.  Completed obituaries:  Alice Horton Rorick, Bertha Green Rorick, Harry Cornelius Rorick, and Clarence A. Steves, Jr.  Completed miscellaneous:  Did You Know That?  Cosper Rorick.  Uploaded pages completed to date for testing. 
January 6, 2013 -- Completed biographies:  Eli Chrysler, David Rorick, Elias B. Rorick, and Elias Fairchild Sutton.  Completed obituaries:  Dorothy Hutchinson and Hannah Breese Rorick.  Completed other:  the Walling Ditch
January 12, 2013 -- Added Earl Beardslee, Alice Walling Pomeroy, and Georgia M. Walling to Obituaries & Death Notices.  Added Piso's Cure for Consumption. Added biography of Delwin E. Strevell
January 15, 2013 -- Added biography of Estell H. Rorick. Updated Obituaries & Death Notices for Estell H. Rorick. 
January 18, 2013 -- Added biography of Jacob Thompson Rorick.
January 20, 2013 -- Added biography of William Van Blarcom.  Added Frank Linderman estate information to Wills & Probate.  Added Jessie Harper Rorick to Obituaries & Death Notices
January 21, 2013 -- Added Eliza Walling and Fred Walling to Obituaries & Death Notices
January 24, 2013 -- Added William Edward Porritt and Joan Marie Fuller to Weddings & Anniversaries.
January 26, 2013 -- Added Realous Walling to Crime & Punishment.  Added Did You Know That?  Estell Rorick and Ford Margarum-Marion Robinson wedding.  Added biographies of George B. Adams, Garret Kemble, Frank H. Rorick, and Frank J. Sweeney

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