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Wills & Probate
This page contains newspaper items regarding estate and probate matters.  Rorick descendants and their spouses are indicated in bold.  Items are in order by last name of the deceased.

The will of Alexander Brown, late of Harrison township, filed and probated in court, leaves to Roselba Brown, the widow, the net income of all personal and real property, which at her death is to be divided equally among three sons.  (Zanesville Signal, September 10, 1936)

CLAIMS ESTATE AS COMMON LAW WIDOW:  Claiming to be the common law widow of Dr. W.L. Cole, Oxford physician, who died in 1928, Mrs. Marcella Groover Hockman, of Indianapolis, has filed a claim in probate court for a widow's interest in the estate, totaling about $30,000.  The estate has been settled for five years, the bulk of it going to a son, Cyril L. Cole, of Denver. Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Groover, of Oxford, parents of Mrs. Hockman, join her in the suit, asking that a mortgage on their home foreclosed by Frank Olive, of Oxford, be voided.  They assert that Dr. Cole, who originally held the mortgage, assigned it to them, although they lack documentary proof.  (Lake Orion Review, March 16, 1934)
The Countess Marguerite Cunliffe-Owen, daughter of one of the oldest houses of France, honorary member of the New York Legion of the New York Police Department, and the only woman ever placed on the list of its Traffic Division, left her estate of "more than $10,000" to Dr. Edward F. Sutton, for many years a member of the Cunliffe-Owen household.  Countess Cunliffe-Owen died on Aug. 28, a year after her husband, Frederick Cunliffe-Owen, former diplomat and journalist.  (New York Times, January 11, 1928)

WOMAN IS DENIED ESTATE AS 'WIDOW": Deciding that Mrs. Marcella Hockman had failed to prove a common law marriage, Judge Glenn C. Gillespie dismissed a bill of complaint which she sought to have herself declared the common law widow of Dr. Will L. Cole, of Oxford, who died in 1928.  Mrs. Hockman, formerly Marcella Groover, claimed a widow's share of the estate and asserted that she had lived openly with the physician as his wife. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Groover, of Oxford, parents of Mrs. Hockman, also asked that a $1,900 mortgage on their home, formerly held by the physician, be set aside because of the doctor's agreement that upon his death the mortgage was to be canceled. Cyril L. Cole, of Denver, sole heir of his father's estate, declared that he knew nothing of the purported marriage.  (Lake Orion Review, October 5, 1934)
Beaumont, Jan. 15 -- Disposing of an estate valued at $100,000 among a score of relatives, will of the late Dr. J.W. Garth, pioneer Beaumont physician who died here Nov. 20, was filed for probate today in count court.  Bulk of estate was bequeathed to Dr. Garth's widow, Mrs. Esther Garth and to their four sons, William Leroy, Casper Tyrrell, James William, Jr. and Thomas Tyrrell, who received all of the physician's property except the following, named in specific bequests. Four daughters-in-law, Wilma, Lucy, Leta and Cecile Garth, five shares each of stock in the Morgan plan bank of Beaumont, and forty shares each of stock in the Tyrrell-Combest Realty company, also of Beaumont.  All the shares have a par value of $100 each. A sister, Grace Garth Miller, and a brother, Mark P. Garth, 10 shares each in the Jefferson County Building & Investment association stock, each share having a par value of $100.  Five nieces and nephews, Marjorie Miller, Max G. Miller, George J. Miller, Jr., Dorothy Carpenter, and Katherine Bennett, 20 shares each in the Jefferson County Building & Investment association.  A nephew, Donald G. Birdsall, $2000 indebtedness due Garth from Birdsall and 20 shares of stock in the building and investment association.  His step-mother, five shares of stock in the building and investment association.  His aunt, Mrs. Belle Birdsall, 20 shares of stock in the building and investment association.  Casper Tyrrell Garth and Thomas Tyrrell Garth, sons, were designated as executors of the estate.  The will was drawn July 9, 1929.  (Port Arthur News, January 15, 1930)

Earl W. Kellam, Port Jervis, will inherit the entire estate of his mother, Mrs. Frankie W. Kellam, who died August 7th in Port Jervis without a will.  Mr. Kellam was named administrator for the $13,000 personal property.  (Middletown Times-Herald, October 11, 1939)

The wills of the following persons have been admitted to probate:  Last will and testament of Delia Moran, late of Middletown, John P. McClancey, ex'r; of Catherine M. Lazear, late of Warwick, Samuel M. Lazear, ex'r; of Hannah Ryerson, late of Goshen, Annie R. Slawson and Elizabeth Holbert, ex'rs; of Margaret N. Holley, late of Middletown, A.V.D. Wallace, adm'r with the will annexed.  (Middletown Daily Argus, May 24, 1897)
Various Catholic charities will benefit to the extent of $30,000 in the will of Frank M. Linderman, 76 years old, president of the Manufacturers Belt Hook Company, who died Oct. 25.  The will, leaving the bulk of an estate estimated at $250,000, to the widow, Mrs. Rose W. Linderman, 4206 Hazel avenue, was admitted to probate yesterday.  Besides the charitable bequests, 18 nephews and nieces were left $1,000 each.  Harry P. Linderman, a brother, and Giles Wetterer, a nephew, were left $10,000 each.  (Chicago Tribune, November 9, 1935)

Dan Hugh Webster applied Wednesday to be administrator of the estate of Ida M. Rochelle, who conducted a hotel at Fifth and Heaton streets, estimated to include $450 in personal property.  (Hamilton Daily News, August 9, 1933)

ROCHELLE ESTATE IS DIVIDED:  Real estate on Heaton Street is left to John F. Rochelle, a son, and Flora May Smith, daughter, under the will of their mother, Catherine Rochelle, Hamilton, which was filed in probate court.  A promissory note for $300 which Mrs. Rochelle held against the estate of her husband is also left to the two children, who are named executors.  Of the remainder of the estate, the son and daughter each receive a third, and the other third goes to the heirs of a deceased son, Edward Rochelle. The will was drawn May 24, 1916.  (Hamilton Evening Journal, July 3, 1925)

DIVISION IS MADE OF ROCHELLE ESTATE:  An entry approved by Judge Clarence Murphy was filed in common pleas court today showing that in the partition of the estate of the late Edgar Rochelle, Sidney Rochelle, William Rochelle, Shirley Kegel, Clifford Rochelle will each receive a one-twelfth part and John [Rochelle] and Flora Heigh will each receive a one-third share.  (Hamilton Evening Journal, June 11, 1926)

Petition is filed which asks the Court to appoint Archie Averill as guardian of the estate of  Duane Rorick, a minor.  The said Duane Rorick resides at Groton, Connecticut and has an estate of real property in Klickitat county, which needs the care of a guardian.  The petition will be heard on Sept. 16.  (Goldendale Sentinel, August 25, 1938)

Whereas on the 1st day of April, A.D., 1930, papers purporting to be the last will and testament and two codicils to said will of Sidney E. Rorick, late of said county, deceased, was filed in my office, and was by me opened and read:  and the 1st day of May, 1930, is appointed and fixed as the time when the same will come before the Court, at the May term thereof then to be held, for final proof and probate, as the duly executed last will and testament of the said Sidney E. Rorick, deceased; at which time all persons interested may appear and show cause why the same should be admitted to probate.  Dated this 1st day of April, A.D., 1930, Warren Rees, Clerk, District Court of Jones county, Iowa.  (Oxford Mirror, April 30, 1930)

Linton B. Sutton left $5,000 to his mother, Mary Ellen Sutton of Kansas, and the residue of his estate to his wife, Edith Lauder Sutton.  (New York Times, July 6, 1911)

Final Account filed in the estate of Nellie G. Walling, deceased.  (Sheridan Sun, May 7, 1953)

Ray E. Yocom, whose address is Zanesville, Ohio, has been appointed and qualified as Executor of the estate of Goldie L. Yocom, late of Muskingum County,  Ohio, deceased.  Dated this 18th day of June, 1948.  (Zanesville Times-Record, July 5, 1948)